Tips to Calculate Cholesterol

For the metabolism of human body, cholesterol, a chemical substance is essential. However to calculate cholesterol, if the level of cholesterol it high in the blood then it can increase the risk of developing strokes as well as coronary heart disease. There are two kinds of cholesterol: the bad one (low density lipoprotein) and the good one (the high density lipoprotein). The bad cholesterols are triglycerides. The sum of all cholesterol components builds the cholesterol number.

To calculate cholesterol in your body, all you need is a calculator. After obtaining blood test results from a health center, you need to look for the value of LDL cholesterol with a unit of mg/dL as well as the value of HDL cholesterol. Then you need to obtain VLDL number from the report by dividing a triglyceride value (Trig) by five. If you sum up all of these three values then you will obtain the total cholesterol number.

After obtaining the total calculate cholesterol number, your duty is to find the website of American Heart Association to compare the cholesterol number with all listed under “total cholesterol level”. This is a way to classify whether the total cholesterol level falls into the low or high category. If it is higher above normal level, than it is time to take action to improve it.

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