Natural Way to Improve Bone Density

Staying active is basically the best natural way to improve bone density. It is true that at any age it is possible to improve bone density. However, by start working on it sooner on strengthening your bones is better. You can stay independent throughout your life if you have healthy and strong bones. It is not too late to start even if you have already experienced bone loss.

The firs natural way to improve Bone Density is by challenge it. If you do weight bearing exercises like running, stair climbing and dancing your bones will become thicker and stronger. Next you need to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables as those foods are rich of potassium, calcium and vitamin to improve bone density all of the nutrients are necessary. Foods with high protein such as fish, eggs and cheese are also needed to help build collagen.

For strong and healthy bones it is important to take vitamin D supplements and calcium daily. Amount of calcium recommended daily is 1,000 mg and 200 I.U. along with the calcium intake, it is important to consume magnesium so that your body can absorb well the calcium. To reverse osteoporosis supplements are also a great help.

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