How to Start Healthy Yin and Yang Diet

Balancing energy is part of balancing diet in addition to easting from all of seven food groups. In Healthy Yin and Yang Diet, Yin symbolizes slow, cold and passiveness while on the opposite yang symbolizes excitement, hot and action. Vegetables, fruits as well as other raw foods are those with low energy (cold). On the other hand, the high energy foods are meat and other animal products helping keep the body warm.

To start your healthy Yin and Yang diet, you can list everything you eat on a regular basis (daily). Find out what you eat more of high energy foods or low energy. You should start eating breakfast if you usually do not eat breakfast. You can start with something small such as a breakfast bar, eggs or blueberry waffles.

Next you can design a meal plan for breakfast as healthy Yin and Yang diet programs, lunch and dinner. It is important to have balance between high-energy and low-energy foods for every meal and for balance to have snacks between meals. You can try to incorporate ginger into your meals if you are a vegan or vegetarian or eat more low energy foods to add more energy food. For example compared to pasta with marinara sauce, soba noodles with ginger sauce have higher energy.

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