Home Remedies to Delay Menstruation

There is nothing more annoying than finding out that your period is due on you’re the week of romantic vacation or on your wedding day. All women at one time or another have been in the situation of wanting to delay menstruation for several says. Probably you cannot delay your menstruation but with the use of certain herbs you might be able to induce it. There are tricks to do it as explained here.

First you need to rid yourself of the notion that you can delay menstruation without using hormonal agents or birth control pills. This is a way to keep your progesterone levels high.


Bleeding starts when the level is drop during a normal menstrual cycle. Next,
you need to talk with your physician at minimum a week before you expect your period if you wish to Delay Menstruation using hormonal method. At least a week before your period actually starts the progesterone level starts to drop so that you will need to begin supplement soon. After that you need to determine whether or not proponing menstruation will solve your problem.


The process should be tried around two weeks before your normal due date. Now using herbs you can induce menstruation. You can steep a handful of fresh parsley leaves and boil it in water for approximately 30 minutes. Throughout the day you can strain and drink 3-4 strong cups oh the tea.

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