Peppermint Aromatherapy for Migraine

A practice using plant essence to promote well being and health is aromatherapy. A plant essence that can be used to relieve migraine is peppermint oil. With other medication pain this natural remedy can be used. Certainly peppermint with aromatherapy for migraine is one of natural remedy

To treat your migraine with peppermint aromatherapy you will need peppermint essential oil, jojoba or olive oil and a bowl or pan of hot water. At your local vitamin or health food store you can obtain peppermint essential oil. The price of an ounce bottle of peppermint oil is usually between 7-10 dollars that is worth as it has multiple uses and will last a long time. Can you imagine how this 7-10 dollars can build Aromatherapy for Migraine

To alleviate your migraine there are two ways to use the peppermint oil. First, with a few drops of olive oil and jojoba oil you can mix a few drops of the oil in the palm of your hand. Next, you can place the mixture on the back of your neck, on your temples and under your nose. Just make sure that do not let it too close to your eyes. After that you can relax by lying down. The smell of the aromatherapy can help you cope with the migraine as well as nausea. You may reapply it when it is needed. This is how Peppermint Aromatherapy for Migraine works.

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